About GUC


Ana Maria T. Kare, MD

Message from the President

In behalf of Goals Unlimited Corporation I welcome you all to join us in our thrust in improving health amongst our members and at the same time provide unique opportunities to earn. As a multi-level marketing company, we commit to continuously share with you excellent, technologically innovative products in healthcare and those that will make our lives more comfortable. Our prices will always be competitive and reasonable. We have envisioned to be a partner of every Filipino in maintaining good health and providing source of livelihood to the many unemployed/underemployed. Hand in hand, we will empower our members/distributors to be good leaders through reinforcement of their knowledge and basic core values. We ask you to join our team, driven and determined to meet our “GOALS” with God’s help, all together we will realize our Objectives in Attaining a Lifetime Success. God bless us all.



Corporate Mission

GUC will be recognized as a LEADER in health care delivery by its quality healthful products. At the same time it will provide sucient sources of income. Its members will be accorded close quality care and training to become outstanding leaders.


Corporate Vision

Goals Unlimited Corporation will be considered as an Excellent leader in healthcare an income provider for its members/distributors.



Legal Documents


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